The Complete Guide to Light Exercise and How to Stay Motivated

Written By Janine

Writing and talking about the methods that worked wonders for me!

Introduction: What is Light Exercise & Why Does it Matter?

Light exercise is a form of exercise that does not include any impact on the joints. It includes activities like walking, swimming, and biking.

Light exercising can be helpful because it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your joints and muscles. This means that it’s easier to keep up with because you don’t have to stop every five minutes for pain or fatigue.

Heavy exercise is high impact exercise like running and playing football, this is not what we are talking about in this blog.

How to Get Started With Light Exercise at Home

Exercising at home is a great way to stay fit and healthy, especially when you have a busy schedule. These routines are low-intensity and can be done during your work hours or in the evening after work.

It is important to know that light exercise routines do not mean that you should not move at all. You can still walk around the office or do some stretching exercises in your chair. Just make sure that you are moving for at least 10 minutes every hour.

1. Get a mat

When you’re at home, you might not have access to the same equipment a gym has. A mat is a nice place to have for when you have to work on some floor exercises. Also, great if you want to try out some yoga in the future!

2. Work out while watching TV

There are tons of workout video’s you can find on YouTube. With these, you can replace the traditional gym group workouts and do them at home. Bonus points if you do it together with your partner if possible, this way you can motivate each other. Give yourself at least a 30-minute break from your day by watching TV and getting some exercise at the same time!

Why Light Exercise is the Perfect Option for You

The benefits of light exercises are not just limited to physical health. Light exercises can also improve your mood, increase creativity and reduce stress levels.

In addition, light exercises are easy to combine with a busy lifestyle. You can do them at home, in the office or even on the go. This means that you don’t need to give up your favorite activities for an intense workout routine.

The introduction should be about how light exercise is a great way to stay active without having to give up your everyday life and hobbies.

How to Stay Motivated during Your Workout

There are many ways to stay motivated during your workout. You can listen to your favorite music, read motivational quotes, or watch a fitness video. However, the most important thing is to find what motivates you and use it as often as possible.

1. Music

Music is a great way to pump yourself up for a workout. It can be motivating and help you through the toughest parts of the routine. The right song can help you push through that last set of squats or finish that last mile on the treadmill.

2. Motivational Quotes

Reading motivational quotes before or after a workout can be an effective way to stay motivated and reach your goals. Sometimes just reading about someone else’s success story can remind us why we’re working out in the first place!

3. Fitness Videos

Watching a fitness video can be a great way to get motivated for your workout, as well as learn new exercises or techniques.

4) Peer Support.

You don’t have to do your workout all by yourself! Ask around and see if anyone in your community would like to work out with you.

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